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Rick Kelly


Rick received a BSEE from Purdue University in 1970 and has worked in Silicon Valley, since 1972, for many semiconductor companies as an engineer, manager and independent engineering consultant. He developed a facilitating and coaching style of management that provided a strong support foundation for his teams to be creative, productive and effective while enjoying and being satisfied with their work.

Rick has participated in and coached many leadership courses at Landmark Education since 2001. He completed coactive coach training at the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael in 2005 and has an active coaching business. Rick has effectively coached hundreds of men and women, from all walks of life and in all aspects of their lives, to produce the results they wanted. He continues to train to expand and perfect his abilities and techniques.

Coactive Coaching

Coactive Coaching is a process in which the coach empowers the client to be their personal best and to take the action necessary to have the life they want.

As client and coach, we will create a powerful partnership, in which, you will discover or reaffirm your values, goals and dreams. We assess what keeps you from moving forward and challenge you with actions to help you attain your goals quickly and effectively.